High School Spotlight on Cross Country – Tips for preparing for High School & College Cross Country, Preparing for Tryouts, Training Techniques, Drills, Camp Information, Training Programs, and Recruiting & Scholarship Information. As a high school competitive sport, Cross Country is a fun sport to participate in. It is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age, both competitive and non-competitive. It is also a great way to sightsee in town or when traveling.

The most important thing with any sport is to enjoy it until it doesn’t make sense physically, and so you can pursue your other life goals. Studies show that playing sports can improve lives in many ways, so it is a good idea to play recreational sports if you can.

SOME TRAINING IDEAS FROM NORTH HALL HIGH SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: A power force for long distance running in the state of Georgia. They have won State Championships and put many athletes into Division 1 Universities. A GOOD WATCH –

Organized Team Sports can help develop and promote social skills, organization, and leadership skills, and to help resist negative peer pressure. Participants can benefit by gaining long term friendships as well.