Affliate Marketing

Note!! This page is FULL of Affiliate Links! Comment Below if you think you found them all! (There are a few different kinds, so be extra aware!) As you will learn below, if you use one of these links, we may recieve a comission at no cost to you!

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money on the side! Using things like brand deals and to link comissions, Affiliate Marketing is a great place to generate revinue. The link above is a great example of an affiliate Banner. This is a special ad that generates revnue for you (In this case for the School an their partners), just by people clicking on it.

When working with Affiliate Marketing it’s important to remind the viewer that by clicking you may recieve a comission at no cost to them.

So how do you get started? Follow these steps below:

Step 1. Choose a Platform

When you are getting started, you will want to choose “Where” your affiliate content is going to be displayed. Here are some common platforms:

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Have you ever watched an interesting video hashtagged #affiliate and then afterwards the creator says, “Find the link in my bio!”? This is a perfect example of how to promote an affiliate link!

You can also use links and banners to draw in clicks!

Here is an example of a link: Check out the latest fashion at Justice! and below you will find an example of a “Banner” (Note: We know as High Schoolers, you may not relate to this brand, but we had to make it all age appropriate. You can be an affiliate for any type of store or product that offers it!)

That leads us directly to step 2, choosing who you will do marketing for!

Step 2: Choose Partners

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there, and there are a few ways to go about getting them.

The first option is to find the stores or products that align with your goals, and find which ones have programs. (This can be a great place to start if you have a specific niche, or type of product that you would like to promote.) The other option is to find an Affiliate Site and find out who they partner with.

Some common affiliate sites are:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Fiverr Affiliates
  • Impact

One thing to note and be aware of is that some sites do not give much of a comission at all, and others give a large comission.

Step 3: Leads, Comission%, and Sales

There are three main terms to be fimilliar with in Affiliate Marketing; here is a brief introduction to each

Leads: This means you get paid for ever Lead your link generates. For example, on Eharmony, If you put a link out an someone clicks on it and completes the sign up information, the marketer (You) revieves a flat rate comission. For example $10 a lead.

Comissions: This is what a company is willing to pay you depending on what kind of benefit they can get from you promoting their site. A comission can be in Leads, like above, Sales, which we will talk about next, and Clicks, which are less common. A lot of comissions are a percentage of the sale price. (A normal comission range is anywhere from .5% to over 20%. Be aware of this when choosing what products to promote!)

Sales: This is where the big money is. If your link, in your site, bio, or page, causes someone to get to the Point of Sale (Where they buy something) Companies will pay big for this! One example is InterServer, which through CJ will pay $100 per sale!

Now that you know where the money comes from, we need to look at how to get there!

Step 4: Links!

There are many ways to get your affiliate links on your site or page, lets look at the main ones:

  • Social Media – Link in Bio, or Linktree (Using a site with all the links compiled – Great for Brand deals)
  • Website – Shortcode (Not as scary as it sounds! If you can Copy/Paste, you’ll be just fine!)
  • Web Social Media (Like Facebook) Direct Link In Post

Lets start with Links and Brand Deals! A brand deal, which is ideal for content creators and influencers, is where you reach out to a specific brand personally, in order to promote a specific product. This usually comes with a specific link ending in a name or word that relates to you where your followers can get a discount. Brands can also reach out to you for these deals. It is important to always let your audience know that your video or post is #sponsored. With Brand Deals you can also tell brands what you charge for what kind of coverage. A mention at the end of a video can easily cost them $300 if you have a following. ViralSweep recommends that, “Typically a good rule of thumb is $100/ 10k followers in your network to start.”

When you have your source figured out, next it’s time to decide how to get people there! A lot of creators use a Linktree to do this, but you can also make a custom site on any webdesigner for free (WordPress, Weebly, Wix etc) that is a one-page interface with only links. This could look something like:

Did you notice all the places affiliate links could go? If you said the first three buttons you are correct! Not to mention all the other links within the other options!

Next is Website Mentions, with Shortcode and Linking:

Shortcode and Linking can sound intimidating, but trust me, it’s pretty simple to learn!

Let’s look at a CJ Affiliate Link for this one…

Starting on the Main page of CJ, you are going to follow the top bar and click on “Links” Here we are using South Bay Board Co. But you can also seach a keyword and select “My Advertisers” (after you have set this all up). Next you are going to find the banner or link you want to use.

Linking is easy. Simply go to the page on your website in edit mode and

Select a Piece of Text That you want to Use.

You should then see some options for editing and one will look something like this (-) or sometimes like this: 🔗 When you click on that option you will see a blank space to fill in with a link. (You can find this link on CJ by clicking “Get link”, and selecting “<>Click URL”) The link we used for South Bay above looks like:

Shortcode is a little different, but not by much. For Specifically CJ and WordPress you will simply go into the page you are on, click the + to create a new block, and type in “Shortcode”. Click on the block and head over to CJ, and again go to “Get links” and Use the “<>HTML” option instead of the Click URL above. A Html Link will start with <a and end with a> Here’s what a HTML link looks like when pated into the site: (We are always learning… We just learned you can paste an HTML on WP without Using the Shortcode box!)

Here’s what an HTML Looks like before converting into the banner:

< a href="" target="_top">
<img src="" width="300" height="250" alt="" border="0"/></a >

Step 5: Get Started!

The only thing to regret in affiliate marketing, besides expired links, is not just getting started! Follow these guidelines to get yourself in the game!

  • Find a Niche – Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Blogging etc – Find what brings you joy and share it with the world!
  • Build your Audience – Create regular scheduled content to build up your viewers. Colaborate with other content creators to build connections and get your voice out there. (Using trending audios and hashtags can help in the case of Tiktok and Instagram Reels)
  • Sign up with Affiliate Programs – Choose one or two programs or products to start with and get going!
  • Follow through – Create meaningful content people can relate to. Don’t advertize a product you wouldn’t use yourself! And keep going! Sometimes it can take time for these things to kick off, but if you continue to build your platform and the affiliate links are there for viewers to interact with, it won’t be long before you make your first comission!

Thanks for reading! Still have questions? Comment below or use the handy-dandy google search!

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