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Competitions are a great way to build character and skills that can last a lifetime. Things like a strong work ethic, team building, and communication can be impacted by organized competition. Our competitions offer our schools and students an opportunity to compete across the nation and internationally. We cover many different types of events so every student can find a way to grow their skills!

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Competitions are a great way to get involved in school, to build skills, and to make friends! Check out the Buttons below to see the global Competitions offered through High School Spotlight!


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2022 Football: Class 1A, District 2 — Quinn Douglas

Last season, Class 1A, District 2 was a mixed bag of results. The top of the district belonged to South Central Calhoun, which was close to what many prognosticated coming in to 2021, but teams like Woodward-Granger, South Hamilton and Eagle Grove saw their season take some roller coaster rides along the way. 2022 looks […]…