Moving Into a Dorm

You are entering into an exciting time of your life away from home. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your journey:

Since dorms normally do not provide a lot of space for storage, it will be wise to make a careful list of items to take. Check in advance to see how much space you will have before making your list. Here are some tips for creating your list:

FIRST MAKE A LONG LIST – Make a long list first to make sure you have considered everything you will need. Don’t worry about how long your list is at first. It will give you a good overview that you can trim down with items that you feel will be most necessary and important for you.

NOW TURN YOUR LONG LIST INTO A PRACTICAL LIST – Here is a list of items you will want to take, with some ideas of how to pack for your trip:

Backpaks, Phones, Computers, iPads, Calsulators, are essentials you will need for school. You will also need a a bath robe, a bag to carry your toiletries to the bathroom and back, and to keep your clothes, sheets, and other washable itmes clean, you will need an easy way to transport them to the laundry room. Items are fairly inexpensive if you shop ahead.

Here are some items you can purchase online, to have delivered to your door within days:


CHARGING STATIONS – Here’s a great station that can be bee purchased for under $30.Charing Stations can be purchased from $10 up. Click on the image to see many more choices:

Click on image to see detail.

CLOSET ORGANIZERS – With limited room to store clothes, these items can become very important for your stay. This organizer is under $15. Click on the image below to see more options:

Click on image to see more details.

LAPTOP DESK – This desk is currently under $40. Portable Lap Desks are awesome when living in small spaces. They can help reduce radiation, create comfort and give you a place to rest your phone, and to use as an extra screen.

Click on image to see more details.


Click on image to see Laundry Bags Under $20.

Headphones can be great to keep out noise when sharing a dorm.


Let’s check out this dorm checklist for more details:

For a full list click here!

NOTE : If you want to have a great time and do well in college, except when sleeping, your dorm room may not the best place to spend a lot of time. The best place to spend your time with study groups, with professers during open office times, and places where you can meet and study with other students who have the same interest as you. Though you may face trying times, you will be done with your educatio before you knonw it. Have fun without blowing the opportunity of your education and future. Don’t hang out with people who are countrproductive to your college goals. They will distract you and possibly ruin your whole college experience.

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