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As a high school competitive sport, Baseball is a fun sport you can practice for almost anywhere and at any age. You can play pickle in your backyard with a tennis ball, do drills sitting on your couch, or go to a park to do more. As most sports, many play it in their youth, fewer play in high school, less play in college, and just a few make it to the Pros. The most important thing, as with any sport, is to enjoy it until it doesn’t make sense, so you can pursue your other life goals. Studies show that playing organized sports can improve lives in many ways. So keep playing whether you are playing for a school or not.

Organized Team Sports can help develop and promote social skills, organizational skills, leadership skills, and can also help when resisting negative peer pressure. Along with all the other benefits, participating in organized sports can help keep you in shape, to gain long term friendships with others whom are health conscious,