The expression of oneself through art is a way of sharing emotions, opinions, ideas, and personality. Undeniably, artists have had a profound influence in shaping our world, as without artists there would be, no concepts to follow, no concepts to build from, or to live from. Art is helpful, it is healing, and can be life changing for artists, to those who see and use it. Why not give it a try.

Visual artists play an important role in our world. They paint, photograph, sculpt, and build items that we enjoy in our everyday lives. They create concepts for buildings, transportation, cities, and so much more. Where you decide to venture with art is totally up to you. Artists evolve the longer and often go back and forth using different mediums as their knowledge grows until they settle into a favorite.

Having some formal art experience can serve as a great asset with most careers. Whether you are creating a poster for school, a business concept, or working on a science or engineering project, having some art knowhow can go a long ways in creating success. Weather you win a competition, or not. Our contests are a great way to get your feet wet, to explore, and to learn of new ideas. Following contest guidelines, learning how other artists address them, and seeing what it takes to win, can also inspire new ideas to consider for your future projects.

We encourage you to enter our competitions whether you have lots of training or not. You will never know how good you can be, if you don’t try. The worst that can happen is your piece may not be chosen to move further into the competition. And if doesn’t you will have a chance to try again. Though we all want to be great, it make take some time to develop skills for you to achieve our goals. We hope you will try.

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